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Corn Machine! What do you mean CORN doesn't come from cans?

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Special Double Feature Documentary. When my sister Debbie visited the USA corn belt here last summer, she asked me how they pick all the corn.Most of us eat corn and use the bi products like Ethanol, but have no idea of the amazing harvesting process. Here we demonstrate the Big John Deere Combine to pick, husk, and shell it all at once.I was given a really great demonstration, by Ryan Eekhoff at Sibley Equipment, Inc.They are the local John Deere dealer, here in Sibley, Iowa, USA. sibleyequipmentinc.comSpecial thanks also goes to Joel Van Gelder, owner of the farm, and his Father In Law, Ted Schutte. Both made me feel at home and were extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and process of raising and harvesting Corn. I was very impressed and truly learned a lot.So, for those folks who have never seen anything like this before, we certainly hope you enjoyed it and are enlightened.Corn just doesn't come from cans. Thanks for watching and subscribing,Dave Herbert

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